A spreading campaign on behalf of the Mexican Brewing Industry

NO TE HAGAS GÜEY is a spreading campaign on behalf of the Mexican Brewing Industry, and it focuses on informing about the consequences of alcohol drinking in minors, as well as raising awareness of responsible use.
“We are very grateful to Cerveceros de Mexico for the trust placed on Circus. It was a process in which everyone worked very closely, forming a team where the client-agency barrier didn't exist because the cause begged for commitment and generosity from all parties involved, in order to come up with a campaign that could contribute to solving or staring to solve the issue”. Ignacio Liaudat CEO Circus Mexico City.
With the intention of raising awareness on the subject and reaching young people, parents, salespersons and society in general, we're launching this multi-platform campaign with the presence and support of various Mexican celebrities.
“This campaign was planned and carried out as a collaboration between the Circus teams from Mexico City and Buenos Aires. We are very glad about what we did. Cerveceros de Mexico believed in us, and together, we set out to tell a truth without the traditional tone of responsible alcohol drinking campaigns. That truth is that we are all a bit responsible, and that if everyone “se hace güey” (“goes güey”), if we look the other way, things won't get any better. I feel that that is the most valuable thing about this campaign, and the reason why we expect good results, because it speaks and delivers its message empathically, with an informal, direct language that makes it relatable and believable, especially for young people.” Seto Olivieri, ECD of the network.
The basis of the sountrack for the video and the campaign is One Way or Another. One Way or Another is 70s classic by Blondie that has been updated by One Direction. This way, we seek to reach both parents and their children. As part of the humor and absurdity with which the campaign seeks to achieve relevance and be heard, the chorus' “One Way” was turned into “One Güey”, and the lyrics talks about certain attitudes that the different social actors must abandon in order to change things.
It was directed by Rogelio Sikander, from The Maestros production company.
Mexico has some figures we must pay attention to and attack:  
·      12 is the average age in which Mexicans start drinking.
·       The percentage of Mexicans teens aged 12 through 17 who have drank alcohol went from 31.7% in 2008 to 42.9% in 2011.
·      The percentage increase is 5.9% in men and 8.9% in women during that same period.
·      Alcohol dependence in young people aged 12 through 17 increased from 2.7% in 2008 to 4.1% in 2011.
Who's responsible?
The answer is: “everyone”; we're all responsible for the simple fact of looking the other way. This campaign seeks to deliver a powerful message that doesn't go unnoticed and speaks to everyone alike. That's why it will say to society in full: NO TE HAGAS GÜEY (“Don't go güey”). The father “goes güey” when he doesn't worry about what his son is consuming. The salesman “goes güey” when he doesn't ask customers for their ID. The minor “goes güey” when he drinks alcohol knowing he mustn't.
The campaign will run from September to December, 2014, and will have continuity in the upcoming years.

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